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Article: Embarking on an Odyssey: From Healthcare to Fashion Design

Embarking on an Odyssey: From Healthcare to Fashion Design

Embarking on an Odyssey: From Healthcare to Fashion Design

Welcome to my inaugural post on Studious Monday! I'm Nawal Alsaeed, a committed wife, devoted mom, and a professional who has navigated through the realms of healthcare, education and fashion. Today, I'm thrilled to share with you chapters of my life– an odyssey that weaves together my zeal for fashion design with my dedication to lifelong learning and cultural values.  

A Transition from Healthcare to Fashion  

My career began in the dynamic environment of healthcare as a respiratory therapist. Those years were filled with enriching experiences and challenges, instilling in me resilience, compassion, and a dedication to service. However, destiny had different plans, and motherhood introduced me to an array of new possibilities.  

As I embraced motherhood, I gravitated towards the field of early childhood development, inspired by my family's involvement in this sector. This phase was more than a career transition; it was an exploration of latent talents in leadership, problem-solving, and business management. This period marked a significant transformation, turning a modest family-run child care center into a flourishing hub for social and health services.  

Fashion: A Lifelong Passion  

Throughout these professional shifts, my passion for fashion remained unwavering. Fashion, to me, is more than attire; it's a form of self-expression, an integral part of my identity. As a proud Muslim woman, I often felt that mainstream fashion overlooked modest clothing needs. This spurred a determination in me to effect change, to merge my fashion interests with my cultural values and ethics.  

Back to School: A New Dream  

Now, I am embarking on a new odyssey. I've decided to return to school to pursue a formal education in fashion design. This decision isn't just about acquiring technical expertise; it's about realizing a dream and modeling for my children that learning is an endless journey, and it's never too late to chase your passions.  

The Path Ahead  

This blog, Studious Monday, will serve as a platform for my thoughts, experiences, and aspirations. Here, I'll share:  

  • My experiences in fashion school: The ups and downs of balancing family life with academic pursuits.  
  • Fashion design insights: Exploring modest fashion trends to sustainable practices.  
  • Advice for aspiring students and professionals: Especially for those balancing multiple responsibilities.  
  • And much more!  

I envision a fashion industry that values diversity, inclusivity, and ethical practices, and I am eager to contribute to this vision. Join me on this transformative odyssey as I delve into the worlds of fashion, education, and motherhood. Let's learn, grow, and motivate each other.  

Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for more stories, insights, and advice. I warmly invite your thoughts and experiences too, so feel free to comment or reach out.  


With warmth and enthusiasm,  

Nawal Alsaeed  

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